Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love Theories: Volume 2 Coming soon :)

   Hi everyone :) I have been away from my blog for quite some time but now I am back to reveal a few interesting details to you. First and foremost, I want to thank those who have purchased and enjoyed my novels. Secondly, I want to thank those who have supported me and kept me motivated.

   My last novel that I published is entitled, "Love Theories: A collection of short erotic tales" In that novel I gave my readers a chance to see what love is really like for various people. Sometimes love may come in the form of self-love (discovering love for ones self) it can also come between people of the same sex. When it comes to this emotion we call love, sometimes the lines are very blurred.

   Take this situation for instance; you have a couple who have been together for a number of years. One person has kept it a secret for a long time that they are interested in bringing in an extra partner. They have kept it a secret because they know that their significant other will not agree to such an arrangement. Now some people will say that if you really love someone you will respect their wishes and never bring in another person to the relationship.

   On the other hand, a person may say that their partner should be open-minded and allow a third wheel to join in with them. Now both people have their reason for wanting what they want. It does not mean they love each other any less, but if they back down for what the other wants and they feel unhappy… Is that truly love?

   Compromising is a big part of a loving relationship. In order for each person to be happy, you have to take a little and give a little. What happens when a person takes more then they give? Well, if that does happen then that is not really love. Love is not being selfish. Not everything in a relationship is for self-gain. There are sacrifices that have to be made.

  Now that I have that little example out of the way, I can show you my point… Lol

   In my novel, I had a story about a lesbian couple. In the story, one of the characters was bi-sexual but kept that hidden from her partner. The partner was in a relationship with her for years but never knew that she was leading a double life where she was engaging in activities with men. Now in that situation the one keeping the secret was being selfish and only thinking about her needs. This is why I say she was selfish. First, she was never truly honest with her partner. She kept a part of herself hidden and led her lover to believe that she only favored the same sex.

  Secondly, her need to fulfill her own intimate desires signifies that she never truly loved her partner, or respected her.  Whether it is a same sex relationship or heterosexual, if a person is only looking out for numero uno they have no clue what love really is, nor are they in love with you.  We can be blinded by the want and need of love that we throw all caution to the wind.  Behaving like this can lead to big mistakes if you are not careful.

     You want to be swept off your feet. You want a love that will last until the end of time. I get that, I feel the same way. However, you must be careful whom you give your heart to in your quest.  Now I am not saying don't take chances. Some of the most loving relationships come about from just going with what your heart says. But, if for any reason, there is that small voice, that little nagging feeling that says “Watch Out” pay attention to it. You can save your self a lot of heartache if you just listen.

Man catches wife cheating 
    In my new novel, the second installment in the Love Theories series, I am going to be taking a different approach. This time around, I am going to show the male side of relationship. Now I know you are thinking. "She is a woman, how does she know what it is like for a man to be in love“. Well after dealing with various guys myself and having many male friends, I have been able to see what it's like when a man really loves, or they are in it just for self.

   You have some men who are just users. This type of guy is just in a relationship or dealing with a "female" just to see how far they can get a head. Let me explain... Some guys don't really have much going for themselves besides charm. They can talk the panties off just about anyone. This guy is a smooth operator, so he weasels in on those women who are book smart. You know the type; she has a good job/business, has a nice car, nice home, but is very naive when it comes to the opposite sex. He sees that she can do fine all by herself, but him being an opportunist, he is going to find the right words to say to get himself into her good graces.

    After trying to charm the woman, he discovers that she has been single for quite some time. She mentions that she has friends who are married and have children. He notices how she discusses that subject with such passion, and then she mentions that she would like a family some day as well. Bingo! There is his target. He must now use what he knows to become "The One". If she wants a husband, he will show himself to be that type of guy. All the while, he knows that is not his true goal. His goal is to get in, take as much as he can, and leave her burned in his wake. That my friends. Is how some people operate.

    Now that was an example of a guy who is just a pure jerk. Now let us talk about those sweet, nice men. The kind of man that gets hurt by a woman of the same jerky caliber, as my opportunist friend I mentioned above. Well this guy, he truly wants love, he pours his heart out to whoever will listen.  He has a ton of female friends, not that he wants to sleep with them. No, they are his friends so he can learn what to do right when his Mrs. Right comes along.

   He learns from their relationships about what their guys did wrong so he will not make the same mistake. He listens to how they cry wishing their men were nice and sweet. He takes all of that in for when he has someone to love. Is this guy sappy you may ask? No. Is he really into women? Yes. There is nothing wrong with our guy he is just simply a gentleman, a nice guy, a rarity in this day in age.

   Since he is so loving when Mrs. Right now comes along… let's give her a name, let’s call her Alisha. When Alisha comes along he think that his kindness and loving heart will be what she needs and wants. I mean since his female friends all want a guy like him, Alisha will too.  Little does he know that the very demure looking Alisha is really a scalawag (rat, hoodbean, chickenhead for a better term). She doesn't truly care if he is nice or not. All that matters is that he is breathing, he has a penis, and he makes "That Bread".  Now our sweet gentleman is drawn in my Alisha’s charms. She seems to have so much in common with him. She seems like the type he will take home to mom.

   Alisha makes sure she says all the right things. She says she is looking for love. She tells him that she wishes she could have a man who understands her and appreciates her. This type of woman makes me cringe. Lol Well Little Ms. Alisha has our guy, and they begin to go out. Well lets move forward about 6 months. Our friend is falling for Alisha and hard and she knows it. He takes her out, shows her off to his friends even introduce her to his parents. He believes that after this short time he may have found the woman of his dreams.

   Alisha sometimes doesn't answer when he calls, but he knows she is busy with school and work. So she says. He wants to come by and visit her at her house, she always makes an excuse that her "roommate" doesn't like male company over and that meeting at his house is best. All of these things our nice guy overlooks.  A year into the relationship, our gentleman begins to feel a little wary. He never gets to stop by her place; he always has to be the one who calls. She rarely returns his texts. Now someone may think he is being a little edgy for nothing. I mean Alisha has a job and goes to school. She is busy. Well... our little Ms. Right now has been lying to our friend the entire time. She does not go to school; she does not even have a job. Oh, and her |"Roommate" is a guy, who is actually the father of her 2 year old son!

   Now you say that is just not reality. No man is just that naive to be with a woman and believe everything like that. Well it is sad but true. In this life, any and everybody can play the fool sometime. It just depends on how long you enjoy playing that role. Some people know they are not loved, but they just continue on living a lie, just for the sake of having someone.  All relationships come with sacrifice, compromise. It is your choice if that relationship involves honesty.  I'm not saying that every person is out to get someone, just be wise that not everyone is who they profess to be.

   In Love Theories Volume 1, I did have a story that involved a person pretending to be who they weren't just to get what they wanted.  In volume 2, I am going to take it to a whole other level.

   Well I suppose that is all I want to say for now. I could have written an entire book on just that Alisha character... hey I just might. Lol

Later guys.. xoxo


Thursday, August 9, 2012

I haven't written a blog post in a while...

Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last blog post. I have been going through many things in my life. I have just recently moved. As you know moving can be a very tiring, stressful experience. I am glad that to be finally settled in. Since my move, I have felt a major change within. I feel as though a weight has been lifted, those things that were holding me down and keeping me unhappy have vanished. 

I had a feeling of sadness and doubt that seemed to be hovering over me, but I am pleased to say that it is no longer there. For a long time I was in a relationship, that was not a healthy situation. I kept trying to stay with the person in hopes that things would change for the better. I have been in two of those types of relationships before. This situation brings to mind a quote someone told me. This person said to me, "If you know how it goes, then you know you get through it." 

I believe that this person was simply trying to say that if you have been down that dark road before and you have come out all right, you will survive this too. Yes, this too shall pass. It has passed. I am no longer held captive by my feelings of wanting a healthy relationship with someone who cannot supply it. I am going to follow my heart and see if where it is leading me will finally bring me the happiness I know that I deserve.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Brief Introduction Video on Youtube

Hi everyone. This is just a little post to let you all know that I have decided to make videos for my youtube channel. This channel will be about me as an author, my writing and also other things that come to my mind. I suppose you can call it my vlog! Well that is all for now. I hope you enjoy the channel.


Friday, June 8, 2012

I just happened to come across...

Today while looking through many of my old poems I came across a few I wrote when I was experiencing heartbreak. I took the time to read them aloud just to get the feel of what I was going through at that stage in my life. It was very powerful to me because I can look back on those times and remember all the pain and the tears I shed while pouring out my little heart and soul onto a piece of paper with my pen. Now that I can reflect on those writings and think back to those relationships, I can see that I am so much stronger and wiser. I am actually glad that I can read these poems and just realize how far I have come. I am going to post two of the poems so you may read them and maybe relate. I hope you enjoy.


"Nothing Love"

I fell in love with nothing.

I fell in love with the idea of you.

I fell in love with something that was just a figment of my imagination.

You were never there. No, you were never present.

However, in my mind I painted pictures of you,

mere images that would deceive me into thinking that "Golden Carriages",

being led by white horses, would carry you and I away off into the beautiful

sunsets, that only a poor soul like me can imagine.

You see I fell in love with nothing.

I fell in love with the sheer idea of you.

I fell in love with something that was clearly untrue.

I fell in love with nothing love,

the day I fell in love with you!

My Future

My future is so bright. Your future is so blue. You see my future is so much clearer because it does not involve you. The sun will shine on me while the rain pours down on you. My heart will sing happily while your heart will weep many tears. I will have romantic love for decades while you will have heartache for years.

It is such a shame when you could have brought happiness your way, but your future turned dark when you pushed my love away. It could have been really sweet you see, but now your heart will be dry like the desert, no love to quench its thirst. When you lost out on me, a winner was born; the next man shall be blessed with my love while you will be scorned. 

    I look forward to my future; you should cling to the past. That is the only way that your mistakes will never come to pass. Live in the past where your lies have not manifested. Live where you cannot taste the bile of mere rejection. Live where the sun does not shine. As for me, I am perfectly fine. My future is lovely because you are not a part of it.

(This is a poem of mine that was published for the site  in April of 2010)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

$Is Money$... Love?

Hi everyone, this particular post is basically something I need to get off my chest. It seems to me that many people have a distorted view of what love really is. Some people confuse lust for love. Some people confuse money for love. Money for Love you may ask?

Yes. Many people think that money equals love. Some individuals think that if they give a person enough things that it means they are showing them how much they love them. Sadly, in many relationship men (and women) think that they can buy someone affections, or they think that they can give their partner enough things with even showing true affection or compassion. I personally know the feeling of wanting just the person I am with, and not a gift or some fancy restaurants.

 It reminds me of a Mary J Blige song from a couple years ago called “Give Me You”. I can relate to this song because of my relationship. No matter how I tried to explain that I would rather have him and not things, he just did not seem to understand. If a person says simply like the songs says, "Give me you" then that is what you should do. Money can only buy you temporary happiness. However, once the money is gone, what is left?

You may be rich and have all of your money, but you can be all alone. Many people in this world have nothing but their money. They have no "Real Friends" they have no “Real Family” and no one to love. The reason I put those things in quotations is because you may have friends or family still around, but they may be lingering around just to profit off you.

I could go on and on about this subject, because it really angers me and at the same time makes me sad. Some people just cannot see that a real person in your life does not care about the materialistic things you can give them. A person who really loves and cares about you will be with you whether you are penniless or not. You should never substitute Money for Love. If a person says that those things do not matter then pay attention to that person's feelings or you may end up alone, with only your money to comfort you.

Another song that came to my mind after writing this is the cover song by Blackstreet "Money Can't Buy Me Love"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Guilty Pleasures

It is that time again, time for another Guilty Pleasure. The Guilty Pleasure for today is a song called “The Zone” by The Weekend featuring Drake. This song to me sets the tone for a very erotic experience. The melody and the lyrics create a euphoric sensation that allows the listener to go on a sensual journey.

Certain songs can make you feel deep, moving emotions. Some songs can bring out the passion inside of you.  Well that is what this song makes me feel. Music has the ability to change your mood. This particular song allows me to feel an erotic high, hope it can do the same for you.



Friday, May 18, 2012

My Guilty Pleasures

It is that time again, time for My Guilty Pleasures. The last two pleasures were about shows I love on television, but this one is about something I love to eat. One of my favorite things in the world to eat is….SUSHI! Yes, I am addicted to it. I also consider it to be a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Sushi is a delectable delicacy that just gets the taste buds going. My favorite sushi to devour right now would have to be the Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll.  When I began my relationship with sushi (Yes it is that serious Lol!) I began with what I like to call Sushi for the beginner or for the Sushi Newbie, which is the delicious "California Roll". The “California Roll” is the one people try first because it contains ingredients that are familiar. After eating that type of sushi a few times you may feel that you want to partake in other types of sushi. Well that is it for my guilty pleasure for today.